Thursday, June 23, 2016

How The Left And The Right Are Wrong About The Bathroom Issue

Ok, I haven't chimed in on this issue, but there's an awful lot of misinformation and ignorance about this issue among both democrats and republicans, or liberals and conservatives if you prefer.
Obviously, not everyone is ignorant about this issue, but most seem to be, at least from what I have observed.

Firstly, since I am living as a woman, I am grateful I live in a state where I can use the women's public bathrooms without being arrested or fined.
I try my very best not to, but sometimes I have no choice.

Why is it I won't use a public men's bathroom? Well, probably fear of assault and/or rape. Since both has happened to me before, as a guy no less (and the irony here does not escape me, lol) I am much more worried this may happen in a men's room than in the ladies room.
The vast majority of trans people I know have these same fears. So do many women, trans or not.

The problem the left has with this issue is never knowing when to stop, essentially, and for using this as a political baseball bat to bash conservatives with (such as trying to include "gender fluid" people and fetish crossdressers in among trans people). And saying anyone should be able to use any bathroom just because. But that's what they always do even when they might have a few good points to make.

The right is wrong because many think trans women are just perverted men in a dress that want to rape women and children, or to leer at them, or take photos.

This is not true. People who seriously want to be trans aren't doing it out of a fetish, this is the way we live, and dress,  24/7/365.
Trust me (or not), I would rather not deal with all the hassle, the makeup, shaving, etc., not to mention the ridicule, threats, laughter and the list goes on and on.
But I must unless I want to be miserable and put on an act pretending to be a man, when' every fiber of my being says I am not.

There is virtually no evidence, in the states that have legalized trans people using the female bathrooms, of trans people committing crimes against genetic women (or men). Nor has there been an increase in those crimes by trans people.
In fact, trans women are far, far more likely to be assaulted or raped than genetic women are, at least in the U.S.

When I do need to use the bathroom, I go as fast as I can. I go in, find a stall, close the door, do my business and leave. I have even been in considerable discomfort, even pain, waiting to make sure no kids are in the bathroom.

But don't take my word for it. Do the research. See what cops have said.
If course, you may still be against trans women using ladies bathrooms, but if that's the case at least stop using the boogeyman as an excuse.

Again, the left does no one any favors when they try to include fetishists along with serious transgendered women.
They insult trans women by saying "gender fluid" people are the same, or cd's are the same. They are not the same.
There is some evidence (not conclusive though) that those who feel they are women trapped in men's  bodies may have biological reasons for doing so, as well as environmental, and a host of other things I won't get into right now. It's easy enough to find the info if you are interested.
But there is no evidence whatsoever that crossdressers or "gender fluid" people do.

By choosing to poli

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Saturday, after I returned from my vacation, I was on the road again. This time, to a meet n' greet with some online friends I hadn't met in person, in Tacoma.
It was a very nice get together!

Earlier, I had reservations about going, because I was pretty tired from our trip. But some of my friends talked me into it, and I did enjoy meeting so many of my friends.

After my girlfriend and I left, I drove home. It is usually a 75 min to 90 min trip except for rush hours. But late at night, it's usually clear all the way home.
Which I'm thankful for, because...

I fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the center divide, which woke me up. My gf had been sleeping too.
Thankfully, I managed to veer away from the cement divide but I could tell there was some damage to the car, in particular, the front left tire was completely blown out and I was driving on the rim.
The airbags never deployed.

I made it to a conveniently located exit into Tumwater, which is a small town south of Olympia.
My girlfriend and I were bruised up, but relatively ok, thank God! When Isurveyed the damage it was bad. The rim was trashed.
When I went to change the tire I remembered I forgot to put the container that had all the tire changing stuff, and survival gear back in the truck the last time I took trash to the dump.
So we were stuck...and broke, except for a few dollars.

We tried calling all our friends but most were asleep, and the few that answered couldn't help us for one reason or another.
But at least we had a Seahawks blanket to share, and the car still started, but I only started it for a few minutes at a time since we were low on gas. So, kind of a chilly night to spend in an empty Tumwater parking lot.

The next morning we tried calling friends again, and one of Kaylee's friends drove down from Tacoma and helped us change the tire. Oddly enough his name is Benjamin. :)
After that we drove home, and I noticed the alignment is waaaay off.

We eventually made it home, but we are not going anywhere until I get paid next month. Which is fine with me, I'm tired of driving.
I will never again drive when I'm that tired. It just isn't worth the risk.
Thank God no one was hurt, or worse! Once again, my Guardian Angel deserves a medal for protecting this foolish girl.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A New Beginning

I have a lot to work to do, but this will be my new blog. It will be different in some ways.
I thought it was time for a change and, well I hope you all like it.
Metaphysics will be a big part, and I will still write stories, old n' new. And I will also chronicle my new experiences.
So much has happened in the last year.