Thursday, June 23, 2016

How The Left And The Right Are Wrong About The Bathroom Issue

Ok, I haven't chimed in on this issue, but there's an awful lot of misinformation and ignorance about this issue among both democrats and republicans, or liberals and conservatives if you prefer.
Obviously, not everyone is ignorant about this issue, but most seem to be, at least from what I have observed.

Firstly, since I am living as a woman, I am grateful I live in a state where I can use the women's public bathrooms without being arrested or fined.
I try my very best not to, but sometimes I have no choice.

Why is it I won't use a public men's bathroom? Well, probably fear of assault and/or rape. Since both has happened to me before, as a guy no less (and the irony here does not escape me, lol) I am much more worried this may happen in a men's room than in the ladies room.
The vast majority of trans people I know have these same fears. So do many women, trans or not.

The problem the left has with this issue is never knowing when to stop, essentially, and for using this as a political baseball bat to bash conservatives with (such as trying to include "gender fluid" people and fetish crossdressers in among trans people). And saying anyone should be able to use any bathroom just because. But that's what they always do even when they might have a few good points to make.

The right is wrong because many think trans women are just perverted men in a dress that want to rape women and children, or to leer at them, or take photos.

This is not true. People who seriously want to be trans aren't doing it out of a fetish, this is the way we live, and dress,  24/7/365.
Trust me (or not), I would rather not deal with all the hassle, the makeup, shaving, etc., not to mention the ridicule, threats, laughter and the list goes on and on.
But I must unless I want to be miserable and put on an act pretending to be a man, when' every fiber of my being says I am not.

There is virtually no evidence, in the states that have legalized trans people using the female bathrooms, of trans people committing crimes against genetic women (or men). Nor has there been an increase in those crimes by trans people.
In fact, trans women are far, far more likely to be assaulted or raped than genetic women are, at least in the U.S.

When I do need to use the bathroom, I go as fast as I can. I go in, find a stall, close the door, do my business and leave. I have even been in considerable discomfort, even pain, waiting to make sure no kids are in the bathroom.

But don't take my word for it. Do the research. See what cops have said.
If course, you may still be against trans women using ladies bathrooms, but if that's the case at least stop using the boogeyman as an excuse.

Again, the left does no one any favors when they try to include fetishists along with serious transgendered women.
They insult trans women by saying "gender fluid" people are the same, or cd's are the same. They are not the same.
There is some evidence (not conclusive though) that those who feel they are women trapped in men's  bodies may have biological reasons for doing so, as well as environmental, and a host of other things I won't get into right now. It's easy enough to find the info if you are interested.
But there is no evidence whatsoever that crossdressers or "gender fluid" people do.

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  1. This is weird, ok not really, it's blogger afterall, but I cannot edit my post, so I will continue here:
    Because of the politicization of this issue, I expect this will lead to more assaults on trans women in particular, or worse.
    But the left has shown, once again, after Orlando many are quite content to sacrifice gays and trans on their altar of political "correctness."

    Many who are gay or trans are starting to wake up to this, and are realizing the left isn't their friend.
    but then again, I can't say that many on the right are much of a better choice sometimes.

  2. Having said that, I ain't sittin' on no high horse myself. There was a time I used to run my mouth off without really thinking, without really knowing about those I talked about so thoughtlessly.
    Now I know what it's like to be hated by more than islamic terrorists and radical lefties. It's not pleasant at all, and let's face it, most Christians are not very Christlike in any sense of the Word either.
    It's easy to tell people you don't like they are going to hell but it's much more difficult to love those people we don't like.

    What did Jesus do? Didn't He hang out with the outcasts of society? The people most people would not go near, that most people considered garbage?
    Didn't he befriend them and love them?

    Hmmm. Not seeing much of that. from myself, or anyone else for that matter.
    But some, yes, a few are. They aren't just talking a good game they are out there in the trenches.
    I can only hope I can do the same before my time here is done.

  3. Allena, I can't believe I didn't see your post sooner, but things have been hectic.

    What you say makes perfect sense to me.

    I don't want someone who looks like a woman using the men's bathroom, or someone who looks like a man using the ladies' room. No one will ever say anything about that. It's kind of like never asking a woman "how far along are you"?

    People have done this all along and it was no big deal until the media made it a big deal.

    I think would have a problem with a child or teenager in school that every one knew before as Jimmy suddenly becoming Jenny. I can see where that would create a lot of issues and conflict. Strangers passing in the bathroom at Target doesn't seem to have the same potential.

  4. Hi Dwayne!
    I know what you mean. I know how hectic hectic days can be. :)
    Yes, it seems to me that going to a new school would probably be best.
    In the event a teenager wants. IMO kids simply aren't equipped to make such an important decision, and their parents should encourage them to wait until they at least graduate high school before committing and really think about it.

    1. Also, I agree the media helped blow this way out of proportion, and they seem to take glee in causing more division and misunderstanding.
      Most trans women I have talked to do not appreciate all the non trans people trying to hitch their causes to that of trans women, which causes much more confusion, and creates problems where none previously really existed.
      It also makes things worse for trans women by making the situation more volitile.

      Unfortunately the ones causing all of these problems don't care one iota if sone trans women get hurt over this, or worse.
      The media, and the far left radicals as well as the far right radicals want this to get worse so they can energize their fellow idiots and claim to be perpetual victims ad nausea.

      These people are despicable and only care about themselves and their own lunatic agendas.

  5. Here's a blast from the past. Long time, no "see". Allena. We haven't traded notes for several years, now. I just clicked the OCAS link from Bob's blog, and here you are. *wow* I hope you are doing well. I'll send an email.


    1. Hello John!
      Thank you, I am doing very well (although I am sure that some folks might think I am not well at all, lol).
      I'm still me though, or rather, more me than I have ever been and I have never felt better.